Navigating Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

Embark on a business venture in the thriving Canadian landscape with KIG Migration’s expertise in facilitating Canada Business Visas. Whether you’re exploring investment opportunities, seeking to establish or expand your business presence, our dedicated services guide you through the intricate process, ensuring a seamless entry into Canada’s dynamic business environment.

Why Canada Business Visa ?

Canada’s Business Visa programs are designed to attract entrepreneurs, investors, and self-employed individuals from around the world. This presents a golden opportunity to contribute to the Canadian economy, leverage global networks, and enjoy the benefits of conducting business in a stable and prosperous nation.

Key Business Visa Streams :

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Key Steps:

Our expert consultants conduct a comprehensive evaluation to determine your eligibility for the specific business stream.

Crafting a detailed and compelling business plan is crucial for certain streams. We assist you in developing a plan that aligns with Canadian immigration requirements.

For the Start-Up Visa Program, securing an endorsement from a designated Canadian organization is a key step. We guide you through this process.

For Investor Immigration Programs, demonstrating a significant financial investment is essential. Our team assists in navigating the investment requirements.

Once all criteria are met, we support you in preparing and submitting a comprehensive visa application, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

Required Documents for Migration:

  • Certified copy of birth certificate
  • Passport Copies: Colored copies of all passport pages.
  • Photos: Additional passport-sized photographs adhering to Canada visa photo specifications.
  • Educational Certificates: Certified copies of all educational certificates and transcripts.
  • Employment Reference Letters: Detailed letters from employers validating work experience and roles.
  • Skills Assessment Report: The official skills assessment report issued by the relevant Canada assessing authority.
  • Expression of Interest (EOI) Approval: Proof of approval for the Expression of Interest (EOI).
  • Health Insurance: Evidence of Overseas Visitors Health Cover (OVHC) or proof of alternative health insurance.
  • Statement of Purpose: A letter outlining your intentions and plans upon moving to Canada.

Why Choose KIG Migration for Business Migration?

Who Can Apply?

Skilled migration is open to professionals across diverse sectors, including but not limited to Information Technology, Engineering, Healthcare, and Finance.

From Which Countries Can You Apply?

Individuals from various countries are eligible to apply for skilled migration to Canada. Our global presence allows us to assist applicants from the Middle East, Europe, UK, USA, Srilanka, Singapore, parts of Africa, and our home country, India.

Embark on your business journey in Canada with KIG Migration. Contact us today to explore the myriad opportunities awaiting entrepreneurs. Your path to business success and establishment in Canada begins with us!

Faq's On Canada Business Visa :

Canada offers various business-related visas, including the Business Visitor Visa, Investor Visa, and Intra-Company Transfer Visa.

Business Visitor Visas do not permit employment. If you plan to work, you may need a work permit.

The investment requirements for the Investor Visa vary. It is recommended to check the specific criteria outlined by the Canadian immigration authorities.

Family members may be eligible for dependent visas, allowing them to accompany you during your business activities.

Required documents may include proof of business purpose, financial statements, and a letter of invitation. Check the specific requirements for your chosen business visa.